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Prove Impact on Performance.

Learning Locker – the Open Source Learning Record Store (LRS)

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Learning Data, Made Easy

Store, Sort and Share Learning Data with our Open Source Learning Record Store


Collect data from Learning Management Systems, Mobile Apps, Portals, Devices and more. Scale massively and keep data consistent with the xAPI.


Run advanced analytics and customised reports to assess learning and business performance. Filter data according to custom rule sets.


Make your insights available to other systems using xAPI. Stream Data based on your rules sets. Allow individuals to take ownership of their learning data.

Take Control of Your Performance Data

Scalable, affordable and able to integrate with your existing learning and talent management software

Open Source

Learning Locker is licensed under GPL 3.0. It is free to download, modify and use. You can customise our source-code and make it work for your organisation.

xAPI Ready

Track online and offline learning activity using the xAPI (Tin Can) standard. Learning Locker works with any xAPI 1.0.x conformant activity provider.

Enterprise Ready

Our technology stack is state-of-the-art, highly scalable and robust. We’re ready and able to handle your learning data needs.


OAuth Integration

Our RESTful API allows you to authorise 3rd party programs to share your stored data. OAuth integration means advanced authentication is part of the package.

Customisable reporting

Create your own queries using Learning Locker’s customisable reporting functions. Store your queries and run them on demand to keep track in real-time.

Exportable Data

Export reports to CSV & JSON for analysis in the broadest range of programs possible. Take control of your data and put it in the hands of your analysts.

Advanced Data Reporting with xAPI

Capture learning experiences both on and offline with quantifiable, shareable and trackable activity statements


Go Beyond SCORM

Record any learning experience; whenever, however it happens.


Escape the LMS

Communicate across systems using a simple, sharable vocabulary.


See the Bigger Picture

Correlate performance data with training data to assess training effectiveness.

The World’s Most Installed LRS

With organizations such as Xerox, Nike and City & Guilds trusting Learning Locker with their data, isn’t it time you did too?


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